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god why is it this way?

2011-01-02 07:51:01 by bremmers

Is it just me or is Newgrounds kind of dead right now? :(

Sneaky song

2009-12-31 06:21:19 by bremmers

Sneaky song is used in a game (santa's rampage) i apreciate it very much thank you everybody fpr giving it so good score please keep voting ;)


2009-12-01 09:39:31 by bremmers

nothing to do :/


2009-10-03 07:17:20 by bremmers

do you like hallal kebab? or ordinary?

please give me the answer :D


2009-10-01 13:45:13 by bremmers


mumble mumble

2009-09-02 14:24:17 by bremmers

mumble mumble mumble

100 listnens

2009-08-24 16:15:06 by bremmers

100 listnens on OMGWTFBBQ!?!?!?

ty everyone apreciate the voting too :)


2009-08-19 15:16:41 by bremmers

school is pretty good so far

a few hot chiks ^^

yippie yay yippie kay youh

2009-08-16 11:20:19 by bremmers

i'm happy ^^


2009-08-14 16:57:42 by bremmers

school starts in 3 days -.-

but i will at least start in a new school ^^